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Bastien Abadie, Grenoble, 14/11/2017

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Firefox Quantum

Release Party @ Coop Infolab - Grenoble

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Firefox Quantum is pure win.
Firefox has definitely been getting better over the past year or two.
I switched to the beta a couple of months ago, and it's just better than Chrome in every way.

Users comments on Hacker News . And they're a hard bunch.

Mark Mayo

Performances improvements

How we did it

  1. Electrolysis 54

A zoom inside Servo

How to render css :
  1. Parse DOM+CSS
  2. Apply rules on each DOM node
  3. Calc dimensions
  4. Paint boxes
  5. Render boxes as final image

Feature: Synchronisation

Feature: WebExtensions

Feature: Sleek new design

Feature: New tab

Firefox 56

Firefox Quantum

Feature: Container Tabs 58+

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